Do you have a Responsive Website?

Do you have a Responsive Website?

What defines a Responsive Website – what does this even mean?

Well, in a nutshell it means that your website looks good and works well whether viewed on a desktop, mobile device or tablet.

As more and more of us are using our phones for internet browsing and social media – and not just texting and calling – this need for a responsive website will continue.

Mobile browsing is increasing and Desktop browsing is decreasing

Graph of Mobile vs Desktop browsing in UK

This is a graph depicting how the use of Desktops, mobile devices and tablets is changing here in the UK. As we become a nation of people who demand their information while on the move so our web pages need to respond to however they are going to be viewed.

News headline Searches on Google on mobile devices exceed desktop browsing

How do I know if my website is responsive or not?

Browse your website on a mobile phone and a tablet. If you are having to resize your page to optimise your viewing experience, your website needs some work done on it!

Alternatively, go to and enter you website’s URL and check it across a number of devices. If your web page is being cut and not resizing, your website needs to be reworked to make it responsive.

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