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Do you need somebody who can provide a range of IT services?

I am a Software Developer and a Web Developer.

I have worked with JDE and Prism ERP packages and other bespoke systems within varied Manufacturing environments. It gave me a lot of experience in integration with WEB based, PC based and EDI systems and Data Migration. Languages I have worked with are: RPG, RPG IV, RPGile, Free RPG, SQL and XML and a brief spell with Delphi.

I have the following CIW Certifications for Web Development:

    • CIW Web Foundations Associate Certification
    • CIW Web Design Specialist Certification
    • CIW JavaScript Specialist Certification
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I approached Kathy about updating an existing website, built in a format she was unfamiliar with. Kathy listened carefully to my requirements and set about updating the content for me. This required not only updating and re-establishing previous links within the site but also creating a new facility to enable donations using our logo within an established online donation page.
To update the front page it was necessary to put links to social media (facebook and flicker) and to create a new pdf ‘post it note’ with more recent data.
In addition to this, a new page with corresponding links was also added into the site.
Kathy’s approach involved making positive suggestions and also checking at different stages that I was happy with the changes made. She has been of considerable help to us www.kisiiziorphans.org.uk.

Wendy Stormont

previous Trustee of Kisiizi Orphans
Kathy is someone who can both delve into the code behind your website as well as help with content management – patiently and carefully setting up a new template, adapting it and /or adding and updating information. She has done both for us at our organisation helping us set up and then update a website which serves as a document library for our users. She worked out how best to adapt the system to our needs, set it all up and then, best of all, left a beautiful and easy to use set of instructions which is enabling us to go on and manage the content ourselves.

Debbie Thompson

(Programme Manager) - Primary Care International
REAP is a registered trust in UK and Kenya focusing on grassroots teaching relevant to the rural poor in eastern Africa. With the help of friends we set up a website a few years ago, and more information had been added over the years. The information was there but it was difficult to navigate and not very accessible. We saw the need to update the format and make the website much more up to date and easy to use. Kathy Turner offered to assist us in improving the website. I spent time with her explaining the background to the material on the website and also the structure of our work. She shared with me from her experience some important insights about how the website could become more effective in communicating. Kathy then worked on the material we had and developed an attractive layout for the site based on our work structure and different types of material we have posted on it. We then got together again and talked through both the layout and content, and she was able to help me sharpen the content by pointing out discrepancies etc. We now have a very much more useful website and are very grateful for Kathy’s expertise, and would recommend her for work well done. www.http://reap-eastafrica.org/reap/

Dr Roger Sharland

(Director) - REAP

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